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Select and position fireplace

You can choose your customer's dream fireplace from a constantly growing stove library and position it directly in the real room via your Android or iOS device.

Photograph the fireplace from any perspective

Have you invested time in plans, designs and renderings so far? Or have they been created by external companies for a lot of money?
Your customers will be thrilled when you find the customer's dream fireplace together with ofenfindAR and photograph it from different perspectives in the real living space. And leave these photos with the customer for decision making.

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ofenfindAR Portal

Back at the office, conveniently log in to our online portal and download your photos and send them to your customer. You can also see details about the fireplaces, materials and colours used and much more!

Exemplare Darstellung des ofenfindAR Portal

Download project summaries

They sell and ofenfindAR provides the project summaries. You decide how and with whom you want to share them.
Included are the photos made with ofenfindAR, the dimensioned ground plans and elevations. And you can even get the 3D project data.

Exemplare Darstellung einer ausdruckbaren Projektzusammenfassung

What do you need?

Apple devices
ofenfindAR currently works with iOS 11 and higher, from iPhone 7, iPad 2018 and on all iPad Pro.
Android devices
The following devices are supported: List of Android devices
Darstellung einiger unterstützten Geräte

Tip: Visualize customer presentations on call and optimize presentation

"What does that look like in putty? And plastered? And what if the plaster is red? And in the afternoon sun?"
Making the ideas of your customers visible in seconds is now possible. Our library of additional products is constantly being expanded.

Sell more fireplaces in less time
and inspire customers

Immediately show what the fireplace looks like

ofenfindAR allows a lightning-fast creation of high-quality AR designs. No longer leave it to the customer to imagine the fireplace in the room.

Fireplace wishes but no house yet?

Your customer wants to plan a fireplace, but is just building (planning) a house? No problem! With the "scaling function" of ofenfindAR you can position the desired fireplace true to scale in (on) the building plans and edit, change, change, view, ...

Darstellung von ofenfindAR in mobilen Geräten

With the customers
turn ideas over in one's mind

We help you to make the ideas of your customers tangible.
Our fireplace library is constantly growing and offers you many examples of your projects.
You will convince your customers faster - and fewer coordination appointments until the decision is made means more time for you and your next customer.

Overview with
few clicks

In ofenfindAR you get comprehensive, professional summaries of your customer project (including photos taken with the app, dimensioning with ground and elevations and, if desired, even the 3D object data).

What our customers say

"A great opportunity to bring our wide range of products directly to the stove setters and into the living rooms of their customers."
Andreas Schönfeld
Spartherm Feuerungstechnik GmbH
"I was really surprised by the quality of the textures. There are professionals at work who know the industry very well."
Christoph Kurz-Wagner
"With ofenfindAR I can sell more with less effort. My customers think it is great."
Franz Pongratz


  • Free!
  • Simply download and register. No automatic renewal or other annoyances.
  • All functions in the ofenfindAR App
  • Any number of photos
  • Access to the ofenfindAR Online Portal
  • Free
  • Monthly subscription
  • Convenient monthly payment by credit card; can be cancelled at any time.
  • All functions in the ofenfindAR App ad-free
  • Any number of photos
  • Access to the ofenfindAR Online Portal
  • E-Mail Support
  • 29€/Month
  • Annual subscription
  • Conveniently pay annually by credit card and save two monthly payments
  • All functions in the ofenfindAR App ad-free
  • Any number of photos
  • Access to the ofenfindAR Online Portal
  • E-Mail Support
  • 299€/Year

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Frequently asked questions

ofenfindAR is a sales support solution for the oven industry, based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It consists of the iOS app as the core and the online access ("ofenfindAR Portal") for administration. In addition, the team of of ofenfindAR as 3D and texture experts is always available for support.

ofenfindAR is designed as a tool to improve the sales process. Often customers have a limited spatial imagination. This is exactly where ofenfindAR comes in and offers novel visualization possibilities based on Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Fireplaces can be shown by stove fitters directly in the "living room" of the interested party with the help of smartphones or tablets. Interested parties immediately know what the solution will look like in the end.

It's very easy: You install ofenfindAR on the mobile device of your choice. After registering, ofenfindAR is available to you free of charge. If you want to use ofenfindAR ad-free, you can choose between a monthly subscription or an even cheaper annual subscription.

Simply log in to our Online Portal. In the menu item "Account" you can complete your subscription. Choose whether you want to pay monthly or annually. In the next step, enter your credit card details (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) and confirm your entries. The amount is automatically charged monthly or annually. It is very simple.

You can also download your monthly or annual invoices at any time in the menu item "Account". You can customize the information about your company used for the invoice yourself under "Settings". Please check these before you subscribe.

If you don't have an ofenfindAR account yet, simply register in our Android/iOS App.

Yes, we are constantly working on new models and will continue to expand the product library. This service is completely free for you.

Absolutely! You are welcome to integrate your orderer/favorite furnace into ofenfindAR and convince your customers in sales talks! We program the necessary 3D object and integrate it into ofenfindAR for you. The costs depend on a few factors (e.g. is a 3D model already available, etc.).
If you are interested, please contact us and we will activate access to our ordering system. There you can enter all necessary information.

Hinter ofenfindAR steht findAR GmbH in Liqu. Wir sind ein österreichisches Startup mit Sitz in Kottingbrunn, in der Nähe von Wien. Die Gründer von findAR sind allesamt erfahrene Unternehmer, die sich zusammengefunden haben, um der Ofenbranche eine Lösung zur Verkaufsunterstützung anzubieten. Basierend auf modernsten Technologien in herausragender Qualität. Und das Beste: wir kennen die Ofenbranche und die Anforderungen der Hersteller, Ofensetzer und Endkunden aus erster Hand.

You can download the 3D objects in all common 3D formats and are therefore not restricted to certain programs. And yes: You can not only download the fireplaces, but also edit them in your program and upload them as a new object in ofenfindAR. Quite simple.

Are you a manufacturer or wholesaler?

We can also program the products from your assortment in the highest quality as 3D objects and integrate them into ofenenfindAR.
Contact us and find out what we can do for you.

More sold fireplaces

They enable stove fitters to sell their range more effectively and efficiently. The bottom line is more turnover.

Greater presence in the market

With your assortment in our app you can significantly increase the visibility of your fireplaces - even outside your partner network and even soon at the customer.

Optimal control of your sales channels

Use the possibilities of ofenfindAR as a reward system: Set the right incentives for your partners and strengthen the bond to your brand.

High-quality 3D objects for your marketing

Once developed, you can use the 3D objects of your products as part of the further development of your online/offline marketing strategy (and even download the objects in all common 3D formats).

Nice to hear from you!

Do you have a question for us? Do you want to stay up to date about ofenfindAR?

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